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Hotel Blumlage_Celle_Nachhaltigkeit



For our environment, a sustainable future and for you, our guests.

All our actions take place under the following aspects:

The social aspect

We employ 50 % people with disabilities. For our employees, further training opportunities, flexible work schedules, permanent employment contracts, the offer of company sports and financial support for the purchase of an e-bike for an environmentally friendly journey to work are a matter of course.


The ecological aspect

Sustainable shopping: We purchase products that are subject to socially, ecologically and economically sustainable factors and that have as little negative impact as possible on the environment and people in terms of consumption and procurement. Regional products always have priority.
Waste separation: Responsible disposal is a matter of course for us. This is our contribution to a careful treatment of our nature.
Conservation of resources: We pay attention to low energy consumption for water, electricity and heating costs and use environmentally friendly materials. We do not use disposable packaging.
Room cleaning: We clean with environmentally friendly products. Our guests have the option of cancelling room cleaning in order to reduce the burden on the environment and our staff.

The economic aspect

We have a concept for consistent sustainable action. Through the many measures we implement to reduce water and energy consumption, operating costs decrease in the long term. Our guests are environmentally conscious and therefore also willing to pay a slightly higher price for sustainable services. This ultimately creates added value for our guests and for us as operators.

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